Zen & Riding

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Zen & Riding

Zen meditation and horse riding … do they have anything in common?

Each of us is a thread of an interwoven universe where everything is connected. We can reach a different level of awareness and openness by training our bodies, our breath and our minds.

How does this help us become a better horse rider?
Is it a weird combination?
Also if you do not aspire to follow the path of Zen rigorously, there are aspects that you can easily integrate in your daily routines that can help you improve as a rider and in your relationship to the horse and other beings around you.

In my upcoming webinar on March 16 I will explain the connection and how this can be surprisingly useful as a rider! Join me Tuesday 16th of March at 20.00 CET to this one hour webinar on Zen & Riding.

​​​​​​​The webinar recording will be available for viewing for 7 days. You can view this webinar from your computer, tablet or mobile phone.
Presentation by
Ylvie Fros

1 hour

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